Lynn Connolly

Whenever I am out of doors, either in Texas or Colorado, I feel an indescribable peace and closeness to God. Because of this heartfelt connection, it is no surprise that I would become a landscape and still life artist. My challenge, as an artist, is to communicate to the viewer the emotions and beauty that I experience from nature. I see myself as an interrupter between nature and the art lover. I stand in awe of the Tonalist painters of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century and use their art as a standard by which to judge my work. To the viewer of my art, if you can experience a few restful moments of peace and beauty, and escape our hectic and frantic world, then my heart will sing with joy, for I have achieved my purpose.

Lynn is in her seventh year of studying oil painting with Jane Spears. She has also studied with Pam Ingalls,Phil Bob Borman, Michael Workman, Aaron Bushnell, and Bryce Liston.
Over the past years, Lynn has participated in numerous art shows with the Pecan Creek Artists and has been excepted in several juried art shows.